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Meet the Minnoccis

(Min - Aw - Chee)

Here at Elevation Disc Golf, family comes first. That's why our small business is powered mainly by the support and talents of members of our family. From designing stamps, prototyping new molds, or packing orders, Elevation products are designed with love by our family, so you can enjoy them on the course with yours. 


From Kitchen Table to Garage

Elevation Disc Golf began in 2020 in Austin and Macy Minnocci's studio apartment in San Diego, CA. Austin began prototyping discs with a 3D printer that soon found itself a permeant home on the kitchen table. The company later moved to Temecula, CA in 2021, where we released our first run of 300 Interceptors and introduced our second mold, the Koi. Being a military family, Elevation moved again in 2021 to San Antonio, TX where Macy transitioned to active duty service in the U.S. Army. From the kitchen table, to our garage, Elevation has grown immensely in the past few years. Our family is excited for what's to come and we hope you'll join us for the journey ahead. We work hard to produce durable, innovative, and unique discs to help you play your best. But aside from that, we are dedicated to providing you excellent and honest service from a company you can trust.

Meet The Team


Dr. Macy Kaitlyn Minnocci

Founder & Owner


Cousin - Eric Ruiz

Research and Design


Cousin - Josh Minnocci


For business inquiries, or to view Josh Minnocci’s illustration and graphic design portfolio, please email him directly at


Mom and Dad Minnocci

Elevation's Biggest Supporters


Phoebe & Appa

Box Destroyers


Austin Minnocci

Founder & Owner


Cousin - Emma Ruiz

Quality Assurance


Sister - Angeline Weiss


For business inquiries, or to view Angeline Weiss’s illustration and graphic design portfolio, please email her directly at



Box Inspector

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