Current Retail Partners

This is a list of all the retailers we have worked with so far to get our discs in the hands of more people! If we are out of stock on our site, go ahead and check out some of these retailers.

United States

- Infinite Discs

- The Disc Barn

- Yeet Street Discs

- 360 Disc Golf

- Beefy Dyes

- El Dorado Disc Sports

- Mando's Disc Golf Pro Shop

- Terminal Velocity Discs

- J&J Disc Co.

- Grip-er and rip-er disc golf

- Zen Llama Disc Golf
- The Throw Shop

- Disc Golf Sporting Goods

- Out of Bounds Disc Golf, Pennsylvania

- Team Figgins Disc Golf

- Parbarian Disc Golf

- Sky Hook Disc Golf

- In the Chains Disc Golf

- Superfly Disc Golf

- Truly Unique Disc Golf

- Hazy Shade Disc Golf

- Lucky Disc Golf

- Grip n Rip Disc Golf


- Disc Republic

- Gander Disc Golf


- Rocket Discs

- Krokhol Disc Golf Shop

- Disk-Hub