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Relative Flexibility

material comparison.png

Note: The purpose of this chart is to gauge how our materials compare to each other in average flexibility. This does not portray how our materials compare to any other materials on the market.

Silicone Rubber

OG V1.png

Our original floppy rubber, OG, is as good as it gets for stopping ground-play and roll-aways. Being our floppiest material (maybe the floppiest in disc golf) it excels at absorbing impact, and with some practice, will shave some strokes off your game. Not to mention, the extremely vibrant colors help your disc stand out on the course and give each disc a unique look.


All the great things you love about OG and Newcomer...but it GLOWS :) Awesome for normal rounds, glow rounds, or even playing catch at night!

Newcomer V1.png

Newcomer provides that same incredible hand feel and coloration as OG, but with some key differences.  Added stiffness provides support for when you need to put a move on your disc, yet retains enough flexibility to mitigate ground-play.   


Vulcanized Natural Rubber

Our ecoFLEX rubber is made of vulcanized natural rubber, with up to 30% recycled material made of scrap from medical industry manufacturing such as rubber gloves, or stoppers. In other words, every 1,000 discs we produce prevents 10,000 rubber gloves that did not meet manufacturing standards from ending up in the world's landfills. Although it uses recycled material, it is extremely durable due to the strong and flexible nature of vulcanized natural rubber. It is also super grippy (think pink eraser or a new shoe sole) and is our stiffest material making it a seamless transition to throwing rubber while still reducing ground-play.  


It's ecoFLEX...but SUPER Flexible :) So if groundplay is a no-go, this should go-go in your bag!


Our ecoFLOP rubber is made of vulcanized natural rubber, with up to 30% recycled material made of postconsumer tire rubber. In other words, every 10,000 discs we produce we get to take 130 used tires out of the world's landfills. Again, this is not your average recycled disc, our eco-materials maintain incredible durability thanks to the uniquely strong characteristics of rubber. It is also super grippy (think the tires of your car) and with moderate floppiness, it reduces roll-aways while always being an earth friendly disc in your bag! 

Flight Charts Per Run

flight chart OG Koi runs 1 to 3 and special runs.png
ecoFLEX and ecoFLOP and glO-G and OG Run 1  2  3 flight chart.png
ecoFLEX & glO-G Arowana run 1 and 2 flight chart.png
glO-G Interceptor run 1 flight chart.png
ecoFLEX Binx run 2 flight chart.png
OG and glO-G Binx run 1 flight chart.png
ecoFLEX Psychic run 1 & 2 flight chart.png
ecoFLEX and ecoSUPERFLEX Gecko and glO-G run 1 flight chart.png
Flight charts
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