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thomas brekke IMG_20240130_120957 - brekkis.jpg

Thomas Brekke
Trøndelag / Norway

Hi everyone! My name is Thomas, i live in a small town in Norway, here i try to help the local discgolf community as much as i can with building new courses, volunteering for work as much as i can and spreading the joy of discgolf to as far and wide as possible! Other then that i am really passionate in becoming the best possible version of myself as i have been struggeling with injuries in both my knees, and i just want to recover as best as i can and function to the best of my ability, thankfully discgolf has helped me tremendously both physically and mentally on this path and will forever be an inspiration for me to go seize the day, so i am so happy i am able to share and spread the joy of discgolf through team elevation this year.

Favorite Elevation Disc: koi at the moment, favorite upshot and putter disc.

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