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Special Edition: This run was a special edition made for the NADGT Championship side game "2023 NADGT Nationals Night Elevation @ Flying Armadillo Mini Course". There were 500 total Sprinkle glO-G Arowanas made, 120 had NADGT stamps, and 380 have the stock Arowana stamp. The discs glow amazing since they are fully translucent glow, but are still fun for the daytime thanks to the sprinkles giving it a birthday cake look. This was the first run we made with full sprinkles, and plan on using the sprinkle effect for special releases in the future!


This run's flight numbers: 3 | 3 | -1 | 2


This run's feel: Soft and smooth feel in the hand while still maintaining it's grippiness. It is about as floppy as our normal OG material, minimizing groundplay as much as possible while still being able to throw close to full power with confidence.


Elevation disc golf's second putter, the Arowana, aims to be a more overstable counterpart to the popular Koi. The added stability makes this an exceptional driving putter, and an approach disc you can trust even in windy conditions. Beyond that, the slight fade is perfect for players who prefer an overstable finish on their putts, but still want something that is glidey enough for those long circle 2 looks.


"People (and I as well) are surprised by just how far they can get this flexible putter to fly and hold the line. I throw it whenever I get the chance, give it a little height, let it fly, and, when it comes in on hyzer, the flexibility of the disc will work it's magic and stop on a dime. I have even had good success throwing the glO-G version forehand, making it even more versatile!"

-Austin Minnocci, Elevation Co-Founder, Mold Designer


glO-G Silicone Rubber - Our glO-G material combines all the great things you love about OG with the ability to GLOW, super well we might add :) glO-G is as good as it gets for stopping ground-play and roll-aways. Being one of our floppiest materials it excels at absorbing impact, and with some practice, will shave some strokes off your game. Not to mention, the extremely vibrant colors help your disc stand out on the course and give each disc a unique look, day or night. They are awesome for normal rounds, glow rounds, or even playing catch at night due to it's flexibility!


*Exact color patterns will vary by disc


PDGA Approved


Diameter: 21.1cm
Height: 1.8cm
Rim Depth: 1.3cm
Rim Thickness: 1.0cm

Special Edition - Arowana - glO-G

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