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Morgan Bright
Glen Daniel / west virginia

I started playing disc golf about 8 years ago~ my husband, Josh, introduced me to the sport & it quickly became one of our favorite pastimes. I took some time away as we grew our family, and have delved back in head first over the past year. Our daughters are 6 & 4, and they love playing disc golf with us every chance they get. I have started a club, The Mountain Birdies, dedicated to introducing disc golf to women & children, and plan to host a few clinics & casual events in 2024, as well as a Throw Pink event! It's my dream to not only grow the sport, but also create an atmosphere my daughters can grow in that enables them to continue loving this game~ they always tell us they're going to be professional disc golf players, and I'd love to see that come true if they choose :)

Favorite Elevation Disc: I adore my Binx as my utility driver with it's beautiful flex shots, and I can't sleep on my Koi for dead straight upshots!

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