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Josh Mueck
The Woodlands / TeXas

How long have you been playing disc golf?

I have consistently been playing for about a year

What are five discs you ALWAYS have in your bag?

Innova TeeRex, Innova Thunderbird, Elevation Koi, Discraft Raptor, Innova DX Wolf

What is your favorite disc golf course you've ever played?

Kooky Noosa Disc Golf Couse in Libby Montana. It is one of the most unique and wooded courses with a lot of different shots and has really beautiful scenery.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

I mainly throw forehand shots and I like to throw grenade shots with Kois.

Who is your favorite disc golfer and why?

My favorite disc golfer is Eagle McMahon because I like watching how he throws his forehand shots and the insane throws he can make. I like his love for the sport and his personality.

Where do you see yourself as a disc golfer in 5 years?

As a disc golfer in 5 years, I would like to be around 950 rated and travel to more places to play tournaments, while also being very involved in my local disc golf community.

Anything else you want the world to know about you?

I ran cross-country and long distance track in high school a 9:45 2 mile, a 4:37 mile and a 15:48 5K.

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