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Our Story

Austin: I'm Austin, a proud Army husband, an engineer, and, of course, an avid disc golfer. In 2018 I graduated from SJSU with a degree in Biomedical engineering, married my wife Macy, and moved to So-Cal (busy year). Some friends from church took me disc golfing for the first time and like everyone's first time, I sucked...and I've been hooked ever since. Disc golf is such a creative sport, and it provides a platform to challenge myself, where I find myself at peace. A few years into my career as an engineer, I realized I had a dream of running a business, and I loved disc golf, and I didn't want to go another day without doing either of those. So, with a hearty amount of motivation and the help of my family, I started Elevation Disc Golf. Our goal is simple, to make creative discs that allow people to be their best when they play the sport that brings them joy.


Macy: It was hard to describe the feeling that washed over me when Austin told me he wanted to start a business during a pandemic despite his well-paying job at a large biotech company. I was nervous, but had profound faith in Austin's vision, mission, and dream. He selflessly supports me while I complete my doctorate and serve in the Army, and I am happy to help him follow his dream. I may not know all the disc golf terms, or whether "anheizer" happens on a forehand or backhand, but I know that Elevation is something I am so humbled to be a part of. Come join our family. Follow us on socials and make yourself at home. We hope we can provide outstanding customer service, and the highest quality, rubber polymer discs available on the market. We look forward to serving you!


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