The approach game is one of the most important and consistently overlooked aspects of disc golf. It requires precision, finesse, and sometimes (if your drives are like mine), some creativity.


Here at Elevation, we're dedicated to making a line of discs whose sole purpose is to sit down under the basket. 

flight chart.png


No, not a floppy DISK, a floppy DISC. Our discs are floppy with a purpose. A floppy disc absorbs energy on impact, limiting ricochet, roll, and skip


Since we hit something on 100% of our throws (the ground, a tree, your pal who decided to walk to their disc before you threw), it's important that your approach disc sticks where it lands. 


Now I know what you're thinking, if it's flexible, there's no way it can be durable. 


Elevation's discs are made from high-grade, rubber polymer. Similar to materials used on car tires, shoe soles, and airbags, our discs are intended to last years without losing their quality of flight or shape.


We are committed to elevating every disc golfer's game through our modern, high quality design unmatched by what's currently available on the market.


There's nothing worse than stepping up to a shot without confidence in your equipment.

Elevation's discs were built with three goals: To be aesthetically unique, feel comfortable with every shot, and sit where they land.


Built to last for years to come, Elevation Disc Golf provides dependable, quality discs with unique designs, and a sleek feel. As a small, family run business, we are dedicated to providing the best customer service and bringing you the newest in disc golf technology.   

Welcome to the Elevation family, we hope we can elevate your game.