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More than Just a Disc.

Elevation Disc Golf has been producing discs that are scientifically proven to reduce ground-play since 2020. As a veteran-owned small-business based in West Virginia, Elevation Disc Golf is dedicated to eco-friendly business practices, exceptional customer service, and charitable giving.
Your support has allowed us to support over 75 charitable projects and non-profit organizations since our inception in 2020.


Engineering novel, eco-friendly rubber discs that reduce groundplay and encourage creativity. 


Elevation Disc Golf was founded to innovate unique rubber discs that ACTUALLY reduce ground-play and help every player throw with confidence. Every mold is crafted by an engineer and created with one goal in mind- to help every player be their best. 

Elevation Disc Golf's unparalleled rubber materials absorb impact unlike any other disc on the market. The flexibility of Elevation's rubber materials are specifically engineered to mitigate groundplay, skips, and rollaways. With a high coefficient of Friction, rubber provides improved grip in all weather conditions, and grips diverse terrain conditions when hitting the ground.


Elevation Disc Golf utilizes recycled rubber as often as possible to encourage eco-consciousness and reduce global waste. ecoFLEX and ecoSUPERFLEX materials contain 30% rubber contents from the medical manufacturing industry, while our ecoFLOP material contains 30% recycled tires. 

Elevation Disc Golf is committed to utilizing recycled materials as often as possible, choosing to ship every order in an eco-friendly recycled box or envelope. In addition, all shipping labels are printed on 100% recycled label paper that is 100% recyclable.

Each week, Elevation Disc Golf strives to create as little waste as possible. Elevation's weekly post-production waste fits into a residential garbage can, and every material that can be reused or recycled is properly sorted.

Elevation Disc Golf is dedicated to giving a new purpose for scrap discs that do not adhere to quality standards. When discs are unable to be sold, they are distributed to non-profit organizations across the globe. Elevation Disc Golf is steadfast in charitable giving, and provides an annual giving report each year to transparently show consumers how their support is helping us make a global difference. 

Elevation's commitment to being an ethical and eco-conscious company that gives back doesn't stop there however. It's founders Austin and Macy Minnocci also are highly involved in the animal welfare community, routinely fostering medically-unstable animals for local animal rescue organizations. Since 2023, the Minnoccis have fostered 15 animals in their home, with the hope of giving every animal the possibility of a new home after abuse or neglect.


To empower diverse disc golfers across the globe with eco-friendly rubber discs that significantly reduce groundplay and improve performance.  

Elevation Disc Golf encourages diversity and inclusion in the sport of disc golf through financial accessibility, inclusive ergonomic design, and international retail partnerships. 


Elevation Disc Golf was never founded to be a "Get rich quick scheme". Elevation was founded to ensure that effective rubber discs could be in the hands of every player. Despite the relative high cost of rubber compared to plastic, Elevation Disc Golf sells discs at prices comparable to mainstream manufactures to ensure financial accessibility to players from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Elevation Disc Golf maintains humble profit margins, and invests thousands of dollars each year into giving back to humanitarian causes and communities in need. Elevation also believes in financial transparency, and uploads their charitable giving report each year for consumer review. 

Elevation discs offer an ergonomic design that enables individuals with diverse illnesses, injuries, or needs to be able to stay in the game through comfortable materials that still maintain great flight. 

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